Ross Island

In June 2003, Oregon Division of State Lands issued a revised Removal-Fill Permit (RF-26) to Ross Island Sand & Gravel authorizing reclamation of Ross Island in accordance with a revised reclamation plan submitted to the state in September 2002.  The revised reclamation plan was developed over a two-year period through a collaborative process guided by the Ross Island Reclamation Plan Advisory Committee as one of several initiatives by the Lower Columbia Solutions Group (LCSG) to explore, identify and implement sustainable dredge material disposal projects.

The purposes of the Oregon Solutions Ross Island project were to 1) clarify agency policy, environmental and transportation questions related to the feasibility of using Columbia River maintenance dredge material as a source of reclamation fill at Ross Island; 2) obtain commitments from key partners regarding resolution of these questions and issues; and 3) develop a plan for next steps.


Project Documents

Ross Island Declaration of Cooperation – 2003

Ross Island DOC Letter to the Governor

Ross Island Collaborative Partners

Ross Island Reclamation Plan Executive Summary

Ross Island Project Background

Agenda and Meeting Notes

8.2003 LCRI Meeting Notes

7.2003 LCRI Meeting Agenda

6.2003 LCRI Meeting Agenda

6.2003 LCRI Meeting Notes

5.2003 LCRI Meeting Agenda

5.2003 LCRI Meeting Notes

4.2003 LCRI Meeting Agenda

4.2003 LCRI Meeting Notes

Progress Memos

September Memo to LCSG

November Memo to LCSG