North Jetty Science-Policy Workshop (2007)

Sponsored by USGS, Coastal Communities of SW Washington, and WA State Dept. of Ecology, this 2-day Workshop at Cape Disappointment State Park brought together scientists, technical specialists, and policy-makers to discuss nearshore physical processes in Southwest Washington, and their policy implications for sediment management. The specific area of focus for the workshop was the Southwest Washington area including Peacock Spit, Benson Beach and areas to the north.

Among the questions discussed:

  • Where is sand eroding and accumulating?  Are there differences between historical changes and current trends?  How have recent disposal practices influenced trends in erosion or accretion? 
  • How do current disposal practices and the larger system dynamics influence the wave environment? 
  • Where does it make the most sense physically to put sand to mitigate erosion where it matters?

Co-conveners Kathleen Drew of the Washington State Governor’s Office and Sam Johnson of the U.S. Geological Survey welcomed participants and observers to the workshop.  Ms. Drew presented the central framing question: How do we effectively mitigate erosion on the beaches of SW Washington and avoid impacts to navigational safety with the management of existing sediment? During the two-day workshop many points of consensus on this question emerged among the scientists and policy makers involved which can be reviewed in the Executive Summary below.

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Science-Policy Workshop Documents

2007 North Jetty Science Policy Workshop Executive Summary

2007 Workshop Attendees

2007 North Jetty Science Policy Workshop Agenda

2007 North Jetty Science Policy Workshop Description

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