Rice Island

Rice Island is a state-owned island that was constructed from the disposal of maintenance dredging material on the lower Columbia River, and was nearly at its disposal capacity in 2003.  Because lack of disposal capacity in the area near the mouth of the Columbia River could have severe economic and/or environmental consequences, the Bi-state Lower Columbia Solutions Group charged a team of public officials and community representatives to facilitate the beneficial use and marketing of Rice Island sands by getting Rice Island “market ready”.  This included planning and preparation of facilities, and institutional framework for permitting and contracting, market analysis, and regulatory coordination.

A Declaration of Cooperation was signed in August 2003. The project facilitated the commercial and beneficial re-use of the Columbia River sands, provided royalties to the State of Oregon, encouraged economic development opportunities for the local community, and restored disposal site capacity at Rice Island for maintenance of the Columbia River Deep-Draft Navigation Channel.

rice island

Project Documents

Rice Island Declaration of Cooperation 2003

Rice Island DOC Cover Letter to the Governor

Rice Island Collaborative Partners

Agenda and Meeting Notes

Rice Island Agenda 6-11-03

Rice Island Meeting Notes 6-11-03

Rice Island Agenda 2-24-03

Rice Island Agenda 1-30-03

Rice Island Meeting Notes 1-30-03