Successful adaptive management of the Regional Sediment Management Plan relies on research, modeling, and ongoing monitoring. The LCSG has developed, refined, and deploy a range of activities that allows the group to actively evaluate new information to determine changes in policy direction or practice.

Effects of Sediment Deposition

Benthic Impact Studies are an important part of LCSG’s research and monitoring plan. An experimental approach has been developed to investigate effects of sediment deposition events on benthic communities. Video and acoustic telemetry techniques allow scientists and policy makers to accurately evaluate the range of influence on the benthic community:

  • CamPods measure acute effects of disposal including sediment depth and impact on fauna.
  • Acoustic tracking can measure acute and cumulative impacts on crabs by using tags and monitoring movement/behavior.
  • Benthic video sleds are used to compare invertebrate and fish abundances in different habitats.

Reseach Methods

CamPod Deployment Video