The MCR Regional Sediment Management Plan

The Mouth of the Columbia River Regional Sediment Management Plan (MCRRSMP) is the outcome of a multi-year, bi-state collaborative effort to manage dredged sediment placement at the mouth of the Columbia River in a beneficial way.  The plan is supported by the Lower Columbia Solutions Group (LCSG) and additional agencies, who have committed to working together in a collaborative manner for adaptive sediment management (see attached Declaration of Cooperation).  The Plan outlines newly proposed near-shore and beneficial use disposal sites along the Oregon and Washington coasts, which would be monitored for biological and other impacts to determine if continued disposal would be beneficial.

Based around an adaptive management framework, the MCRRSMP is to some extent a living document that is constantly be adapted by new research and monitoring. Below is the Regional Sediment Management Plan, as well as the associated Declaration of Cooperation signed by the stakeholders in support of the Plan. Documents and progress reports leading up to the development of this plan can be found on the main regional sediment management planning page.

MCR RSMP cover imageThe MCR RSM Plan – 08.2011

Declaration of Cooperation for the MCR RSMP-Final – 01.2012

Letter of Support from Clatsop County for the MCR RSMP – 09.2011