Regional Planning

In 2008, the stakeholders of the Lower Columbia Solutions Group signed a Declaration of Cooperation to collaboratively develop a comprehensive Regional Sediment Management Plan for the long-term implementation of a beneficial use approach to dredging activities on the lower Columbia River. After four years of work dedicated to drafting this plan–and over ten years of collaborative deliberation on sediment management more generally–the Mouth of the Columbia River Regional Sediment Management Plan (MCRRSMP) was signed into support for implementation by the stakeholders in January 2012. These final documents (the plan and associated Declaration of Cooperation) can be found on the MCR Regional Sediment Management Plan page. Materials below include planning documents and progress reports developed in the process of creating the final MCRRSMP, as well as a few resulting from the early stages of implementing the plan.

The overarching goals of the ongoing regional sediment management planning are to:

  • Keep sand in the littoral zone;
  • Help protect the jetties;
  • Avoid creating additional risks for navigational safety;
  • Not adversely affect important biological species.

Project Documents

2008 Regional Sediment Management Declaration of Cooperation

MCR RSMP Ground Rules and Expectations

Progress Reports and Presentations

2012.6.18 MCR RSMP Progress Report

2011.7.8 MCR RSMP Presentation

2011.7.8 USACE Presentation, MCR RSMP

2010.10.22 MCR RSMP Progress Report

2010.10.22 USACE MCR Update Presentation

2010.5.4 MCR RSMP Progress Report

2009.3.5 MCR RSMP Progress Report

2008.10.10 MCR RSMP Progress Report

2008.5.1 MCR RSMP Progress Report

2007.11.29 MCR RSMP Progress Report

Policy Sub-Committee Materials

RSMP Policy Sub-Committee Operating Principles

2008.10.21 RSMP Policy Committee Meeting Notes

2008.8.28 RSMP Policy Committee Meeting Notes

2008.4.3 RSMP Policy Committee Meeting Notes