Coastal Sediment Management Workshop (2011)

In May 2011, the Lower Columbia Solutions Group and the Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership hosted a workshop on Coastal Sediment Management, featuring the experience of the California Coastal Sediment Management Workgroup (CSMW). The California Coastal Sediment Management Workgroup shared lessons learned from its nine-year program to implement regional sediment management (RSM) along the California coast in an effort to identify opportunities to help the states of Oregon and Washington address sediment issues in the Lower Columbia River Estuary and other coastal estuaries.

Topics covered in the workshop included:

  • Sustaining regional sediment management efforts,
  • Coastal impacts of climate change and sea-level rise,
  • Biological impacts associated with sediment management,
  • Habitat creation and ecosystem restoration,
  • Sediment management and infrastructure, and
  • Sediment budgets and transport models for regional sediment planning


Workshop Documents

Coastal Sediment Management Workshop Proceedings Summary

Coastal Sediment Management Workshop Participant Agenda

Coastal Sediment Management Workshop Invitation