Benson Beach

Benson Beach extends for approximately two miles from the north jetty to the base of North Head within the Cape Disappointment State Park. A sandy beach that is part of the Columbia River littoral cell, Benson Beach was the site of increasing erosion due to the reduction of sand as a result of man-made changes to the Columbia River system.

A Science-Policy workshop organized by the Lower Columbia Solutions Group held in Ilwaco in July 2007 brought together scientists, technical specialists, stakeholders, and policy-makers representing both states, as well as federal jurisdictions. Consensus was reached that a Benson Beach nearshore project that involves sediment placement in the inner surf zone provides the best overall opportunity for a beneficial use project to meet the needs of Benson Beach.

In the late summer of 2010, on-shore and near-shore sediment placement commenced to help shore up Benson Beach.

bensonbeach project map  sediment pipe at Benson Beach August 2010

Project Documents

Benson Beach Project Declaration of Cooperation

Benson Beach Project Description

Benson Beach Project Assessment and Recommendations

Benson Beach Collaborative Partners

Benson Beach Science Advisory Team Members

2007 Littoral Drift Science Policy Workshop Summary

Progress Reports

5.2009 Benson Beach Progress Report

3.2009 Benson Beach Progress Report

2.2009 Benson Beach Progress Report

10.2008 Benson Beach Progress Report

5.2008 Benson Beach Progress Report